Why Rent when you can own?

Become a home owner today! Start building equity for yourself..not your landlord

No more increases. The Home Price gets LOCKED.

Buy the home of your choice in your choice of neighbourhood.

A portion of your rent goes into THE HOME

Rent to own works great for

Credit Problems

(Collections, Debts, Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy)

No credit/New to Canada

Get into a home today instead of waiting for your credit to be established


We can help you qualify even if you don’t declare all your income

Divorce/Settlements/Legal Problems

Live in your own home while you wait for everything to be settled.

CRA/Tax Issues

Don’t let your home ownership dreams pass you by while you wait.

Not enough down payment

We can help you qualify with less (5%) down payment.

Even if the banks say No – We say YES!  We help you fix and repair your credit so you can qualify for a mortgage! All while you’re living in your OWN home!

Get started today with just 5% down!

Did you Know?

Average Rent can cost you $40,000-$50,000/year?
Every month you don’t own costs you more than just Rent? Let alone peace of mind. Consider the following facts:

Renting Costs more than owning

When you rent, you don’t get anything in return. The landlord keeps all your money and you never become the owner. With Rent-to-Own, a portion of the rent is actually applied to the house!

Home Prices Continue Rising

Every year, home prices increase. You miss these gains when you are renting. With Rent-to-Own the price is FIXED, so you profit from the same gains!

No Landlord when you own

With Rent-to-Own, you are the homeowner and get to enjoy the full benefits of home ownership.

Pets? Rent the basement? Paint or Renovate? NO PROBLEM!

Stability & Peace of mind

Never have to move again! No more changing school districts, changing everything else in life. You are in one place, your own home, for the entirety of the term!

Rent to Own Homes are available all across the GTA & Ontario!

We have homes in Toronto, Mississauga, Milton, Vaughan, Markham, Brampton,  Ajax, Pickering, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Oakville, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and more!

Stop Renting… Start Owning

Becoming a home owner is easy with Rent to Own.

Choose your own home

We work with you to show you the home options in your preferred city and you choose the home that you like best!

Customized plan

We will design a plan specific to your situation (based on credit, down payment and other factors) and we’ll work closely with you to ensure everything is going well in the process.

Legal Contract

Everything is written in a legal and binding contract that you can review with your *own* lawyer before signing so you know you are well protected!

Savings program

A portion of your rent goes into the home as savings each month. By the end, you will have at least 8-10% down payment.

Free Credit Repair

We help you improve your credit, build new and maintain existing credit through our credit repair program in order to help you qualify for the mortgage at the end.

Live happily ever after!

We help you qualify for a mortgage from Canada’s major financial institutions and the ownership gets transferred into your name!

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