How do Rent-to-Own homes work?

Home Ownership through Rent-to-Own

  • Choose a home you want to own
  • You live in the Home from day 1
  • The price is locked from day 1
  • You build equity from day 1

At the end of the term, the ownership is transferred to you and you become the owner!

How does Rent-to-Own (Lease to Own) Work?

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Start with as little as $20,000

We help with the rest. A portion of your rent goes into the home to build up a bigger down payment.

Choose your own home

Full freedom of choice in choosing the home that suits you best!

We purchase the Home for you

Our investors will purchase the house you have selected.

The price gets locked in

The price of the home AND the rental amount get FIXED. No increases!

Fix Credit, Save up a Down Payment

We will work with you to help you fix any credit issues and through the monthly rent, your down payment will increase.

Qualify for a mortgage

At the end of your rental term, we help you qualify for the mortgage

You become the Owner!

Once approved, you become the owner! And, get to keep all the equity in the home!

Most Successful Rent-to-Own Program

Across all of Ontario since 2012.

Feel secure knowing you are in good hands as we have nearly a 100% success rate due to our tested rent to own process!

We ensure your success by pre-qualifying you and working closely with you to ensure you are meeting your goals!

Invest in your family's future

Live in your own home and enjoy the best investment that currently exists!

Every year, you don’t own, real estate prices go up, rental rates go up, and, you live under a landlord’s conditions.

It’s time to Get Started and own your Own Home today!

Ready to get started?