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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Rent to Own?

Becoming a homeowner is becoming increasingly difficult each day. Rising prices and rising rents make it nearly impossible to get out of the rental cycle.

With Rent to Own, you get into the home now, while you wait for your credit and down payment to build-up. On average, real-estate prices can rise over 10%-20% each year! Start benefiting from these gains instead of paying down your landlord’s mortgage.

Rent-to-Own is a great solution to help you become a homeowner if you are currently unable to get a mortgage from a bank, or don’t have enough of a down payment to get financing from any other means.

How long is the term?

Our terms range from 2 years to 4 years depending on your credit & finances. These terms are flexible and can be adjusted to your personal situation.

What happens to my rent payment?

Your rent payment is broken into two components: Rent and Savings. One portion goes to rent and the other goes into the home as savings (or “equity”). This helps to ensure you have enough of a down payment to qualify for a mortgage at the end of your rental term (all things we help you with to make it a stress-free experience).

Can the home be sold while I'm living there?

Absolutely not!

Since everything is done on legal contracts, you are safe & protected as the agreement prevents the owner from selling the home during the term, except in cases of default. 

Can I choose my own home?

Yes, absolutely! You can choose ANY home that is listed for sale in the market (within your approved amount).

Can the rent/home price go up?

Your monthly payment is fixed for the entire length of the term along with the price of the home so you know you are protected.

How do the monthly payments work?

The monthly payment is all-inclusive so you won’t have to worry about any additional expenses except for utilities.

As an example, if your monthly payment is $3,000 – this could mean that approximately $500-$800 will go towards the house as your savings and the remaining amount towards the rent, property taxes, and other costs associated with owning a home such as home insurance.

Can I sell the home if the market goes up?

Since the ownership is transferred to you at the end, you are free to do whatever you like!

You can sell, stay, refinance, or more!

How do I qualify for Rent to Own?

Easily. Even if your credit is not good, we can help as long as you have a 5% down payment and a household income of $80,000-$100,000 (approx. $5,000-$8,000/month) GROSS Income.

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