Excellent question! Rent to Own is an excellent program that was developed to help individuals like yourself that may not be able to qualify for a conventional mortgage today. There could be several reasons for why you may not be able to qualify for a mortgage, but the most common reasons are low or bad credit, not enough money for a down payment, haven’t had steady income for 2 or more years, etc. Not to worry, because we can help!

Rent to Own is a program that gets you ready to be qualified for a conventional mortgage, while holding the price of the home for you until we get all your affairs in order. The terms range from 2-4 years ideally, but can go up to 5 years if needed. Throughout the term, your rent does not increase, your landlord will never decide to sell or displace you, you have the luxury of treating the home like your own, you have the freedom to decorate the home, to have pets, to sub-lease or rent the basement, and to make any changes that will increase the value of the home.

Below are a few differences between renting and Rent to Own



Rent to Own

Rent Increases



Landlord can sell

Permission for small changesYes


Sub-lease or Sub-letNo


Changes for improvementNo


Now, imagine for a second that you are paying $2000/month in Rent. In 3 years, you have basically paid over $72,000 in Rent without getting anything back. I say over $72,000 because the Rent generally goes up every year. $72,000 is a very large amount to have wasted away, without any sort of return or appreciation on this money.

With Rent to Own, you lock in the agreed upon price today, so when the market value for the property goes up in 2-4 years, the appreciation is your profit. It’s basically equity that gets built into the home, and you are eligible for that appreciation 100%!

Imagine, someone gave you an opportunity to buy a house today, with what it was valued 3 years ago….would you say that’s an unbelievable deal? That’s exactly the option that Rent to Own provides you!

The qualification is easy, we look at 3 different things: Income, Credit and Down Payment.

For the process to work flawlessly, you need a minimum of 4%-5% as a down payment of the property value. Meaning, if a property is valued at $300,000, then you will need around $15,000 as a down payment. The reason we ask for this down payment is simple, we want to qualify you for a mortgage at the end of the term. Simply put, you cannot buy a house with 0 down! You can’t even buy a pair of shoes with $0, and this is a home we are talking about…one of the BIGGEST investments of your life!

With the initial 5% put into the property, we save a portion of the rent that you pay every month and put it towards building a bigger down payment. Our goal is to get you as close to 10% of the property value as a down payment, so that we can qualify you for a conventional mortgage. Simple!

As far as credit, even if you have no credit, bad credit or okay credit…we provide a full credit assessment with a customized credit mentoring program and continued and on-going credit coaching. All of this is free of cost to you!

Ready to get started? Perfect! Call us right now and let’s set up an appointment to meet!