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Rent to Own is a great way of owning a home if you cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage.

It is similar to buying a home as you can choose any home and own it through our Rent to Own program. We will help you choose a home within your qualification amount and set you up on a path to success!

Choose any Home

You can choose any home that is for sale in the market and own it through our program. We will purchase that home for you, and set it up under a Rent to Own agreement.

5% Down payment

You can get into your own home with just the minimum 5% down payment. The remaining amount gets saved up through the monthly rent so you are on a path to success.

Fixed Price

The future price of the Home gets FIXED. Yes, that means no more increases!
Any increases in the value then become your profit!

Savings Program

Each month, a portion of the rent goes into the home as your Savings. This becomes part of your down payment and you get the entire amount back at the end of the term.

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Services we provide

Why Rent when you can Own?

With Rent to Own you no longer have to resort to just renting. You can get into your own home today, live freely, make changes, gain equity, and purchase the home for a fixed price without worrying about the market.

Bad Credit

Qualify to own your own home even with credit problems. We can help you fix them.

Consumer Proposal

We can help you rebuild and establish credit for mortgage qualification.

New to Canada

Get into your own home today - while you wait for status. We can help you establish credit.


Declare less income? No problem. We can qualify you based on what you earn, not what you declare.

Cash Income

If some of your income is cash or for income from other sources, we can help you.

Any other reason

If you cannot qualify for a mortgage, chances are we can still help you get into your own home.

Home Sweet Home

Full Home Ownership


No Restrictions

Live freely in your own home without restrictions and  interference.

Make Changes

You can make improvements and increase the value of your home.

Rent The Basement

If the home has a rental unit, you can rent it and keep the rental income.

Flexible Terms

Our terms range from 2 years to 5 years and are flexible according to your needs.

Happy Homeowners.

We help you throughout the term until you own the home.


“We had horrible renting conditions. Thanks to your Rent to own program, we now own a home in TORONTO! We are very happy with the process. Thanks again for everything!

Toronto, ON

“I would definitely recommend this place and the services they offer. We are very happy with the process and the outcome. Thanks!”

Milton, ON

“They provided great service. Very helpful and responsive. We cannot be more thankful to have found Rent to Own, and for the guidance and finding our perfect home !”

Barrie, ON

“Very helpful and professional staff. They go the extra mile to make sure you’re satisfied. When I have questions, they were answered promptly and clearly.”

Pickering, ON

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Your information is kept confidential, secure, & not shared with anyone. By submitting your inquiry, you authorize us to contact you via e-mail and phone. You can revoke your consent at any time.


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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Taxes $1421

Estimate only. Only to be used as a guide. Actual payments may vary. Monthly Savings credit varies from approximately $700-$1,000

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