Rent to own new homes and condos in Mississauga, Brampton, Toronto

Why Rent when you can Own?

Get started with as little as $10,000 down!

Limited Time Offer

Get into your own home today with as little as $10,000 down payment!

We help you build up a bigger down payment by putting aside a portion of your rent each month!

Home Ownership made easy!

Bad Credit?

Low Down payment?

We can help!

Divorced? Separated?

Imperfect credit a result of your divorce? Your partner got to keep the property? Don’t Rent – become an owner through our Rent to Own program today!


Working for yourself does not mean you have to give up your home ownership dreams. Let us help you qualify and get started on the path to home ownership!

New to the country?

Newly immigrated and finding it harder than you thought to get a mortgage? Get the time you need to establish your credit!

Bankruptcy? Consumer Proposal?

Don’t let debt get in the way of you owning a home! We can help you fix and repair your credit and turn you into a homeowner!

Your initial down payment is 100% credited towards the purchase/mortgage.

Once you complete the term (Usually 2-3 years)

No More Rent Increases!

Unlike renting, your monthly payments are FIXED and will not increase during your term.

Your future purchase price is also FIXED at the start of the program.

This means NO surprises later and never having to worry about any changes.

Our program is flexible and in-line with the speed of life. We can offer early purchase options as well as longer terms if needed. We stay in touch with you during the entire program to help you every step of the way.

No micro-managing.

You will “feel” like the owner of the home from day one.

You are welcome to have pets, paint and renovate to make it your own!

Why choose us for rent to own homes?

Easy Application

Our application procedure is quick and easy. We can prequalify you instantly and get you started!

Legal Process

We do everything on legal contracts that you can review with your own lawyer before signing so you know you are protected!

Licensed, Insured & Accredited

We are a fully licensed, insured & accredited business providing Rent-to-Own services for over 8 years. You can feel safe knowing you are in the right hands.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensure your satisfaction throughout the entire process and work with you to find you the best home that suits your needs!

Best Rates available

We strive to provide the best rates possible and always try to negotiate the best offer for you.

Awesome Support

We are dedicated to helping you and are always available for our clients. We work with you continuously to ensure everything is going as planned. We pride ourselves on service.

A full team to help you

Every step of the way from buying/selling, inspections, mortgages & lawyers!

Is rent to own a good option for you?

  • Do you want to own your own home?
  • Do you need time to save money for a down payment?
  • Is Bad credit preventing you from getting approved?
  • Do you want to build Equity for yourself, not Your Landlord?
  • If you answered yes to any of these questions

    Rent to Own is the Right program for you!

    Are you Tired of being asked to move when your landlord decides they want to move back in or sell?
    Not able to get a traditional mortgage because your credit isn’t good enough?
    Or, you don’t have the 20-30% down payment that many lenders want these days?

    If you answered Yes to any of the above, then Renting to Own is the right option for you!

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